Friday, November 12, 2010

i am me.plain.simple

i am a daughter.a sister.a grand-daughter.a niece. a cousin.a friend.i am a partner.a student.a young girl.i am confident and scared.terrified and excited.i am loving and caring.and thoughtful and hopeful.i am sick and tired.i am shy and friendly.and carefull and careless.i am broken and whole.i am missunderstood.misguided.and mislead.i am hardworking and determined.but a little scared on the inside.i pray to god and cry my tears.i smile on the outside.while i am dying on the inside.i listen to others who won't listen to me.i love you and i push you away.i want you but not so close.i am everything and nothing all once.and all i want is for you to love me.

p/s : i need this two people. seriusly i miss them.