Friday, November 12, 2010

i LOVE holiday !

semester BREAK !
yeah ! starting 10/11/2010
after my last paper ~ LOVELAW
bak + mama amex aku dekat kolej TUN MUTAHIR
TUN MUTAHIR ~ i will gonna miss you fucking damn much !
especially A4-5 + puan maya
takde lagi MAOT di sini ~ HEHE
advantages of holiday :
spend time with my family + lovely 
i don't have to look at those freaking boring books
i don't have to wake up early
i don't have to stay alert for the test + quiz
i don't have to keep busy all day
i can online 24hours
hangout + chill out with my friend !
i can keep messaging my SAYANG 24/7 ~ hehe

disadvantages of holiday  :
i got nothing else to do other than online
i got dizzy when i am over slept
i will be spending my money ~ huh !

as CONCLUSION ~ advantages is more than disadvantages :)
therefore : I LOVE YOU HOLIDAY !

YOU : i hope that i can meet you as soon as possible :DD